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Booklet: Reputation 2024

Discover the ranking of the most reputable companies in Canada.

  • ^Measure and track your reputation
  • ^ Understand your competition
  • ^Analyze by subgroups

About the study

A positive reputation is critical to your success because it pulls in customers, top talent, and investors. A negative reputation can erode your brand’s value.

Our Reputation study has evaluates approximately 300 Canadian companies’ reputations per year across 30 different sectors. It is a valuable tool to monitor your reputation over time and course correct when needed.

Get an in-depth analysis of your reputation based on our six core pillars—financial strength, social responsibility, honesty and transparency, quality, attachment, and innovation—or dig deeper with our Diagnostic study to understand which factors drive your company’s reputation and the relative impact of each.

Webinar Replay:

Reputation 2024

Get a clear picture of the reputational landscape in Canada through the insights in our webinar. Discover: 

  • ^Last year's trends that influenced corporate reputation
  • ^The companies Canadians think are most reputable
  • ^Sector-level trends compared to last year

Some key findings from this year’s study

“In a world where people share their opinions at what seems like the speed of light, managing, measuring, and protecting your company’s reputation is more important than ever. Our Reputation study helps you understand your reputational strengths and weaknesses, how you compare to your competitors, and how different groups of Canadians perceive your brand. As trends come and go and public opinion evolves, Reputation has been your constant for years to benchmark and monitor where you stand.”

Eric Chalifoux, Senior Advisory Director (study lead)

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