Gender Equality Survey [2022 WIN World Survey]

This portion of the 2022 edition of the WIN World Survey (WWS) explored perspectives on gender equality. The WWS is conducted annually by the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN International), of which Leger is a founding member. Some of the topics the gender equality survey covers include job opportunities and careers, perceptions of women’s salaries, free time, essential aspects of life and plans to have children. 


Job opportunities and career: 43% of respondents think women in their country have fewer job and career opportunities than men (including 56% of Canadians and 45% of Americans).

Perceptions of women’s salaries: 45% of respondents feel that men’s and women’s salaries are equal in their workplace. 

As noted by Vilma Scarpino, President, WIN International, “Numbers worldwide are still too high when it comes to gender inequality and acts of violence. At WIN our mission is to shed light on pressuring issues such as these in the hope that one day we’ll see radical improvements in the findings of our global survey. While the situation is far from perfect, it’s also important to appreciate the small but important progress that some countries or regions made. No step is too short or change too small when facing issues so big.

Read WIN’s press release about the gender equality portion of the 2022 WWS.


From October 9 to December 10, 2022, over 29,000 people from 36 countries were surveyed using CAWI/CATI/F2F/TAPI online survey methods. Leger was responsible for data collection in Canada and the United States.