Market Research Online Communities

Authentic dialogue for deeper insights

Engage in rich, continuous conversations with your target audience.

Keep the conversation moving forward

Are you looking for a deeper way to connect with your target audience?

A market research online research community (MROC) could be the answer: it’s a private social network made up of members who share a common interest in a given topic or theme. Having your own MROC empowers you to engage in an ongoing conversation with your target audience, conduct custom qualitative and quantitative research, and “listen” in on member generated discussions—all in a single platform. It’s the perfect solution to get the data-driven intelligence you need.

Our experts can help you design and build a custom MROC among almost any B2B or B2C audience—even niche audiences that can be difficult to reach. We also maintain our own on-demand health & wellness and travel & tourism communities that our clients can access for quick insights.

What is the difference between online panels and MROCs?

Online panels and MROCs differ in their approach and level of engagement, with the latter offering a more holistic understanding of your target audience’s perspective, enabling you to get deeper insights.

Online panels are made up of pre-recruited panelists who participate in research studies at a specific point in time. In contrast, MROCs are specialized platforms for continuous and in-depth discussions.

Unlike the one-way interaction in online panel studies (from researcher to panelists), MROCs facilitate two-way communication (between researchers and members and among members), resulting in a more member-driven, authentic dynamic.

MROC benefits

Leverage an MROC to put your customers and prospective customers at the center of your decision-making. Unlike social media and other free online platforms, your MROC is private from the outside world, enabling you to conduct research on sensitive topics, test confidential concepts/products, and understand competitive offerings.


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Access your audience immediately

Need quick insights from niche audiences? With an MROC, you’ll have access to members 24/7 to help you answer urgent questions that need a quick response. 

Qualitative and quantitative research in one platform

Uncover valuable insights using surveys, online focus groups, discussion boards, journals, sensory research methodologies, video ethnographies, and more. 

Get new ideas

Sometimes, the best ideas come from the people using your products or services. Leverage your MROC to support your brand development or explore new possibilities.


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Explore sensitive topics with ease

Understand your target audience better with the ability to ask follow-up questions and probe for more detail. You can also enable members to share private feedback with your research team. 

Reduce costs

Your MROC helps you get continuous feedback from your target audience with cost and time efficiencies compared to an ad hoc project.

Learn continuously

An MROC is an excellent way to monitor changing perspectives, helping you stay ahead of trends and be ready to respond to what’s next as the world changes.

Proprietary online communities

Answer all your health & wellness or travel & tourism questions with our on-demand established proprietary communities, only available in the U.S.

Health & wellness

Our health & wellness online research community is made up of diverse U.S. consumers who take their health and well-being to heart.

Conduct research on consumer goods, beauty and personal care, food and beverage, and explore topics like CBD/natural ingredients, plant-based products, meatless alternatives, eco-consciousness, and more.

With our health & wellness community, you can:

  • Understand how and why consumers make their choices
  • Access audiences across categories and niches
  • Segment the community by demographic variables:
    • Involvement in product categories
    • Attitude and usage information
    • And more

Travel & tourism

This online research community is made up of a wide variety of U.S. travellers who are passionate about tourism and exploration.

Our clients have used it to conduct research on travel plans, travel experiences, hotels, travelling during the pandemic, and more.

With our travel & tourism community, you can:

  • Understand the experiences people are seeking in a crowded market
  • Learn what truly matters, from planning trips to getting back home
  • Reach a wide variety of travellers, segmented by:
    • Demographic variables
    • Traveller type (business, leisure, both)
    • Travel motivations
    • And more

Get connected with your communities

Reach your target audience with expertly designed and managed MROCs.