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LCBO Strike

LCBO Strike

From July 12 to July 14, 2024, we surveyed Ontarians to learn their opinions of the LCBO strike.  Key highlights of our survey include… A vast majority of Ontarians (89%) have heard of the ongoing...

Summer Olympics

From July 12 to July 14, 2024, we surveyed Canadians to find out their opinions on the upcoming summer Olympics and on their overall perceptions of the Olympics games. Some of the key highlights of...

Age of AI: Conference Takeaways

Written by Sana Siddiqui, Vice-President, Healthcare Who isn’t talking about AI these days? From tech enthusiasts to industry leaders, AI is at the forefront of many conversations, and for good...

Justin Trudeau’s Political Future

From June 28 to June 30, 2024, we surveyed Canadians to learn their opinions and perceptions of Trudeau’s leadership.  Key highlights of our survey include… Three out of five Canadians (63%)...

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“My experience over the years with Leger has made this company my go-to quantitative research partner. They are small enough to provide experienced, senior-level management to staff projects of every size and help figure out the best methodology for the purpose, yet large enough to access difficult-to-reach panels and provide complex analysis in a cost-effective manner. This research company is a hidden gem.”

Emmy Kondo, DeBeers

“I have been working closely with Leger for over 6 years and I must say they have been a tremendous partner. They understand our business and complex categories and always make solid recommendations on appropriate methodologies to address key business issues. Data is always delivered on time and on budget and, in most cases, expedited when necessary. They go above and beyond, and I highly recommend them for your market research initiatives.”

Seth Pollack, NicePak

“YVR has had an exceptional multi-year partnership with Leger for the design and execution of our customer and community research roadmap. The Leger team has helped us optimize our research investments and has been greatly adding value to our business by ensuring that each study we do builds upon each other and enriches our understanding of our guests, their expectations, and their perceptions of our airport. Their depth and breadth of expertise in market research and customer experience has made Leger an excellent contributor in our journey to strengthen YVR’s customer-centric culture and service delivery.”

Eric Pateman, Vancouver Airport Authority

“Platinum Guild International has partnered with Leger for several years to track platinum jewelry business in the United States. The annual Retailer Barometer study encompasses a broad spectrum of product categories and retail distribution channels, and this comprehensive study provides us with valuable insights about sales performance, consumer experience, and industry sentiment. The team at Leger is a talented group of research professionals who understand our needs and never fail to deliver results.”

Kevin Reilly, Platinum Guild International

“Nortera chose Leger DGTL because they offer an innovative campaign that highlights our employees as ambassadors, going beyond the scope of conventional recruitment campaigns. The agency emphasizes market research and in-depth analyses of target markets for recruitment, providing a unique strategic approach in harmony with Nortera’s objectives.”

Michelle Lemery, Nortera

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