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Leverage targeted research for a deep dive into the market and consumer trends shaping your industry.

Market research

Expert qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid market research solutions for all your business needs.

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Custom analytics solutions that help you simplify complex data, tackle challenges, and make better decisions.

Customer experience (CX)

Strategic and tactical support across all CX competencies to help you become more customer-centric.

Digital marketing

Strategic digital marketing solutions from the only agency that unites research and digital marketing.


Cost-effective, reliable, quick insights to help you navigate public opinion and understand North Americans.

Leger Opinion services

The highest quality pool of market research respondents in North America.

Online communities (MROCs)

Build a custom private online community of customers or leverage our on-demand options.


Leverage the power of data and gain deeper insights with unique, cutting-edge solutions and product offerings.

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We can drive your organization forward with a customized research solution.