Hire and Retain Gen Z and Millennials with our HR Benefits Simulator 

Have you ever wondered how to optimize your hiring of Gen Z and millennial employees and how to retain them so they stay with your company? You’re in luck; our HR Benefits Simulator has the answers. 

Built with the robust data from the sixth edition of Leger’s Youth Study, an annual study that helps organizations reflect on and refine their relationships with millennials and Gen Z, the HR Benefits Simulator empowers you to understand which job offers are most attractive to these younger employees. 

When you purchase our simulator, you can leverage the powerful dashboard to toggle between different job offer options across six key dimensions: salary, vacation, employee benefits, work hours, place of work, and indirect conditions (like corporate values or opportunities for advancement). It is a must-have for any organization that wants to hire or retain Generation Z or millennial employees.  

If you want to dig deeper, we offer a range of customization options and can build a unique simulator customized to the job offer conditions at your organization. 



Reach out to talk to us about our HR Benefits Simulator and how it can help you hire and retain Gen Z and millennials.