Real citizen feedback on topics that matter

Deep dive into the trends shaping how citizens feel about their municipalities.

The 2023 City Index

Measure and compare your citizens’ satisfaction. 

  • ^Compare citizens’ satisfaction
  • ^Identify action priorities
  • ^Make informed budget decisions

About the study

What is most important to the people living in your city in Canada? Are they happy with how it is managed?

Our City Index has the answers. Get a personalized report for your city that will help you listen to your citizens’ concerns, improve your service delivery, and compare your performance to other municipalities.

Need help with your social media strategy? Our Digital Audit will evaluate your city’s social media presence, identify opportunities to connect with your citizens, and train your teams to manage citizens’ feedback (good or bad).

Webinar Replay:

The 2023 City Index

Citizen feedback is invaluable for Canadian municipalities who want to audit and improve their performance. Watch our webinar to discover:

  • ^Citizens’ satisfaction with their municipal services
  • ^How your city compares to others of similar size
  • ^What citizens expect from their city’s social media

Some key findings from this year’s study

“How can you satisfy your city’s residents as the world changes and their perspectives evolve? Our City Index study is here to be your trusted guide. Your personalized report will help you understand how your residents’ satisfaction compares to other Canadian cities of similar sizes and deliver concrete recommendations for improving resident satisfaction and strengthening and maintaining your reputation. It is a must-have for all municipal leaders.”

Cyntia Darisse, Vice-President, Quebec (study lead)

Deep-dive into your citizens’ perspectives

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