Cracking the Newcomer Code: Fostering Successful Integration of Newcomers in Canada

March 1, 2024
The face of Canada is changing and continues to evolve with the arrival of newcomers. Armed with a wealth of experience and unique perspectives, these individuals are playing a crucial role in enriching our social and economic fabric.

With the launch of our latest specialized study, Cracking the Newcomer Code, we aim to amplify the voices of Canadian newcomers and foster connections with public and financial institutions.

This study offers an unprecedented perspective on the experiences, challenges, and issues newcomers face while painting a portrait of the evolution of their situation in various areas (finances, employment, housing, insurance).




Our presentation briefly introduced the Canadian newcomer communities. Our full study offers a deeper look, helping organizations seeking to make a meaningful impact on the lives of newcomers and non-permanent residents.

Contact us to learn more about the study or to ask for a study tailored to your needs.

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