Our values

Leger’s values are rooted in almost forty years of industry experience, shaping the decisions and actions we take every day. These principles are a common thread uniting all colleagues in our commitment to integrity and quality in our work, as well as our commitment to each other.

Driven to Give

Our Driven to Give program is all about giving back to our clients, employees, and the community. It focuses on three key pillars. It is more than just an initiative; it’s part of how we bring our core values to life. We are committed to keeping this initiative going for years to come.

Client appreciation

We offer our clients a free annual study, such as our Youth Study (focused on Generation Z and millennials) or the DGTL Study (a deep dive into Canadians’ and U.S. residents’ online behaviour).

Employee well-being

During the holiday season, we close our offices to give our team time to relax and spend time with their loved ones as part of our People First program, which promotes work-life balance.

Community support

We give our employees across North America time to volunteer with local charities to give back to their communities between December and January.

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