Patricia DePietto

Executive Vice-President, U.S.

Patricia (Pat) DePietto joined Leger as part of the acquisition of 360 Market Reach in 2022. She leads and mentors the U.S. team of research experts. She is a true leader who is passionate about helping brands grow and become more relevant to consumers through custom research solutions and industry insights.

Prior to Leger, Pat co-founded and managed 360 Market Reach and led teams at Ipsos, NPD and Insight Express. Pat is highly skilled in both quantitative and qualitative research. She is recognized as an expert in a wide array of research methodologies including choice modeling, brand building & loyalty, innovation, product development and trend definition and evaluation. Pat has extensive experience in both CPG and health & wellness.

Pat is dedicated to evaluating and improving the latest technology to advance modern research methods. In 2021, she developed Ideavate360, a custom innovation solution that solidifies the process of identifying white space for brands to test, validate and develop new ideas and opportunities. Through this research solution, brands can go from ideation to market with the confidence of research-validated concepts. Pat is passionate about developing new offerings to strengthen clients’ ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Pat is committed to mentoring our next generation of researchers. She ensures that diversity, equity and inclusion is a priority, and she is an active participant in the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and WIRE (Women in Research).