Anne-Marie Marois

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Executive management


At Leger, Ms. Marois is a shareholder, the Chief Operating Officer and a board member. In addition to executive management, Ms. Marois is always closely involved in the supervision of major client projects in order to support the project team as effectively as possible. Furthermore, she manages the Human Resources Department and oversees the company’s technological development, as well as key development issues.

In her 28 years with Leger, Ms. Marois has occupied several important positions, notably Director of Quantitative Operations from 1990 to 1997 and Director of International Affairs (including management of major projects) from 1998 to 2006, after which she was appointed General Manager for the firm.

As the media spokesperson for Leger until 2006, she contributed to maintaining the image and reputation that have made Leger the largest exclusively Canadian-owned polling and marketing research firm.

Under her leadership, Leger has undergone strong growth in recent years, notably in the aftermath of acquisitions in Ontario and Alberta, the creation of its U.S. subsidiary and the launch of its Legerweb division, which manages Leger’s 400,000-member-strong Web panel, one of the largest representative panels in Canada. Ms. Marois’s strong suit lies in her customer service-oriented approach, an approach that manifests itself in the form of trusting relationships, quick responsiveness and a firm grasp of all of Leger’s major projects.

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