Reach Your Audience with Our Interactive DGTL Dashboard

December 7, 2023

Do online users trust influencers and branded content? What are the key factors influencing users’ decisions to join or leave specific social media platforms? How do consumers explore information and advice, entertain themselves, and make informed shopping decisions based on their interests in the current digital landscape?

The new interactive DGTL dashboard, developed by our digital agency, Leger DGTL, in close collaboration with our research and analytics teams, has the answers.  It is the ideal tool to help you develop your marketing plan. 

This interactive dashboard lets you filter the data from the 2024 DGTL study by age, gender, region, interests, and more. By figuring out what your audience really likes, whether it’s based on who they are or what they’re interested in, you can wisely invest your time and money into platforms that match those preferences. This way, you can make sure your online efforts really hit the mark. 

Ready to learn more?

Our interactive DGTL dashboard is an affordable solution that lets you filter the data from the 2024 DGTL. Reach out to talk to us.

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