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Report: 5 Key Findings to Guide Your Strategies for 2024

Improve your digital marketing strategies with insights from this unique study.

  • ^Enhance your digital strategies
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  • ^Optimize your media investments

About the study

Is it challenging to get reliable, precise data to make decisions? Are you juggling constantly emerging new platforms and trends?

Get the guidance you need to build and improve your digital marketing strategies and understand online behaviour trends in Canada and the U.S. with our DGTL Study. This year’s edition is bigger and better and features a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable research approach.

NEW THIS YEAR: Get your interactive DGTL report to filter the study data by age, gender, region, interests, and more to ensure your online efforts hit the mark with the users you want to reach.

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The 2024 DGTL Study

Get data-driven insights for planning effective and relevant media and content strategies for 2024 in our DGTL study webinar. Discover:

  • ^The digital trends shaping 2024
  • ^How to evaluate new platforms
  • ^How to target the audience(s) you need to reach

Some key findings from this year’s study

“The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and so are users’ behaviours. As a brand, you understand the need to evolve alongside them and improve how you communicate—but where should you start? Our DGTL study is a unique tool that helps you develop concrete strategies to enhance your digital marketing and better connect with your target audience. With the insights from the study, you can not only sleep better, but get ahead of the competition.”

Sarah Mottet, General Manager, Leger DGTL and Boris Ung, Director, Strategy and Business Development, Leger DGTL (study co-leads)

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