The Human Reality: Rethinking HR During the Great Resignation [WEBINAR]

May 4, 2022

The human reality of what it means to be a Canadian employee has been rapidly shifting during the pandemic. As businesses closed their doors and protective health measures were implemented to slow down the spread of the virus, many employees shifted to working from home. However, others had their hours greatly reduced, were temporarily laid off, or were let go due to shrinking budgets.

Later in the pandemic, another phenomenon emerged: employees began to quit their jobs in waves. In the media, we heard that employees wanted higher pay and flexibility and were ready to hop the fences in search of greener grass. While some of this was true, one piece was missing: the enmeshment between employees’ work and home lives and how difficult (and perhaps impossible) it is to split our human reality and separate our personal lives from our professional ones.

Leger’s new specialized study, The Human Reality: Rethinking HR During the Great Resignation, is about understanding employees’ needs from a different and more thoughtful perspective. We conducted an extensive online survey among over 3,000 Canadians who are currently employed or will be joining or rejoining the workforce soon. Our study illuminates how employees evolve and navigate their way through the workplace and opens the door to looking at human resources in a new light.

On May 4, 2022, at 12 p.m. (noon) EDT, Christine Serbu, Research Director, Leger, and Kris Tierney, Vice President, Human Resources and Learning, HRPA, hosted an exclusive webinar about the study results. The webinar will focus on:

  • how the employee experience differs from the prevailing narrative in the mainstream media
  • our segmentation analysis of five key employee segments and what matters to them
  • how to rethink human resources and employee relations given this new information
  • how to improve employee attraction and retention
  • and more


Christine Serbu, Research Director, Leger

Christine Serbu joined Leger as a Research Director in Edmonton in July 2019 where she leads several projects on behalf of clients in the public and private sector. Christine is a seasoned market researcher with over 10 years in the industry and specializes in large-scale, complex, multi-mode quantitative studies. Specific areas of expertise include customer/client tracking, brand and reputation research, program evaluation/performance and outcome measurement, employee engagement, municipal service delivery, and public opinion research. Clients include the Government of Alberta, ATB Financial, City of Edmonton, and others.

Christine’s skills include analytics (segmentation analysis, key driver analysis) and data visualization; she is proficient with both Q and Displayr. Known for her top-notch work and knack for storytelling, Christine loves every opportunity to dig deeper into the data. Christine has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing.

Kris Tierney, Vice President, Human Resources and Learning, HRPA

Kris Tierney is the Vice President of Human Resources and Learning at the Human Resources Professionals Association where she provides strategic leadership to the Association’s internal human resources practices, as well as leading professional development and learning programming for the HRPA’s more than 24,000 students and members.

Kris is a passionate HR and business executive who believes that outstanding businesses run on outstanding workplaces where people and culture are strategic priorities. Kris spent more than 15 years leading HR and strategic talent programs in high growth, hi-tech companies in automotive and financial services where she served as a trusted people and culture strategist, advisor and business partner to the C-Suite.

Known for her easy and approachable style, she thrives when helping others live their lives with purpose, belonging and value. Kris holds the CHRP and CHRL designations awarded by the Human Resources Professionals Association.

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