3 Ways to Use Our Omnibus Survey

March 12, 2021

Leger’s Omnibus survey is a flexible, fast, and efficient solution to your various market research needs. In addition to enabling you to survey the population of your choice each week in Canada and/or the United States, this web survey also allows you to follow the evolution of public opinion over time. Truly versatile, this offering can also help you obtain answers to your questions in just 24 hours, thanks to its 24H Express Survey.

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Discover 3 Ways to Use Leger’s Omnibus

1. Survey the population of your choice by asking one or up to 10 questions

On a weekly basis, our Omnibus survey allows you to ask one or more questions to Americans, Canadians, residents of one or more provinces, or residents of a specific city in Canada. Whether you have one or ten questions to ask the population of your choice, we can help you get the answers. To do so, we will develop a questionnaire, collect data, perform statistical analysis and compile our analysis in a summary report, all within a week!

With its 15 different solutions, our Omnibus adapts to everyone’s needs. You can even submit questions to more than one Omnibus (for example, we can help you ask the same question(s) to Canadians and Americans). You can also ask respondents close-ended and/or open-ended questions: the possibilities are endless!

2. Follow the evolution of public opinion over time

Leger’s Omnibus allows you to follow the evolution of public opinion over time. You can ask the same question as often as necessary to a certain population. Whether once a year, once a month, or even once a week, our Omnibus survey will allow you to follow the evolution of your target audience’s perceptions.

For example, suppose you’re running an advertising campaign and you want to measure ad awareness. You may also want to track if awareness is increasing over time. Our Omnibus is the ideal solution for this type of evaluation!

3. Get reliable data in just 24 hours

Our 24H Express Survey is a digital solution to help you make decisions faster. It is a personalized 5-question web survey of 500 respondents that can be conducted in certain provinces and regions. This solution allows you to survey your customers in 24 hours using the largest representative proprietary panel in Canada!

This survey is the ideal tool to assess your customers’ reactions, test a new idea or launch a new product. Developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 24H Express Survey is an effective way to adjust to crisis situations that change from day to day.



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