All Panels Are Not Created Equal

October 19, 2018

At Leger, we guarantee representativeness to our clients, 100% of the time.

Creating a panel and managing it requires a high initial investment and the right organisational strategy.  These barriers to entry may limit the number of players in the industry.

As you probably already know, a quality panel is crucial in order to deliver accurate and reliable data. At the end of the day, our business is accuracy. As a matter of fact, representativeness is the most valuable thing a panel can deliver, often involving a hybrid recruitment approach. As recruitment methodologies vary in quality from one company to another, All panels are not created equal.

What we mean here is simple: the recruitment method used greatly influences the quality of the panel. At Leger, our panel is mostly based on random selection using traditional telephone and mobile telephone methodologies. The majority of the panelists at Legerweb are recruited through our own call center. That means they come from a unique source that our competitors cannot compete with.

Also, in order to maintain our quality standards, we do not use river sampling. This way, it is possible to maintain a control over the circulation of the survey.

Once respondents receive and complete the surveys, we maintain data related to their contact information and participation history. More precisely, we maintain databases that record all aspects of a panellist’s survey history and experience on our panel. This type of data may increase the possibilities for analysis of data quality. Also, it is important to mention that we use validation techniques at the very beginning of the registration process such as username and strict restrictions on passwords, de-duplication with existing panel and simultaneous recruitment campaigns based on various criteria, etc. All these are necessary to increase quality by decreasing multiple entries, fraudulent panellists, etc.

Along with many other criteria to ensure quality to our clients, we also take measures to ensure data protection and data security in conformity with the highest industry standards but also the very strict protocols involved in dealing with confidential Government of Canada information. Security protocols in place are there to protect both our panelists and our clients.

Legerweb is a division of Leger Canada’s largest Canadian-owned market research firm.  We understand what researchers want and what quality controls they demand to always better serve their clients.  Quality control and a strict management of the panel is key to success in the market research industry!

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