Leger: The Most Accurate Polling Firm in the 2015 Alberta Election

Our online poll, published in the Calgary Herard on April 28 2015, was the most accurate poll compared to the actual Alberta Election results. Using our LegerWeb panel, our Leger survey was within the theoretical margin of error for all political parties involved and ranked all parties in their right order according to popular vote. At Leger we are proud of all the hard work, expertise and dedication that go in to having the best team of professionals working with the largest and most representative online panel in Canada. Leger provides you with results you can trust!

As written on the Too Close to Call website “The winner is easily Leger. Not only do they have the smaller error in average, they also had the correct order with the PC finishing second.”

Christian Bourque

Christian Bourque, Executive Vice-President and Partner at Leger, has over 20 years of experience in market and public opinion research. Christian also sits on the national board of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association of Canada (MRIA), where he also acts as a lecturer for some of the association’s training courses. Christian has also frequently served as an expert witness in Court where survey evidence was presented.

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