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Navigating Trends to Create Your Customer Experience Strategy: Highlights From Our 2024 Wow Studies

The recent economic context has turned many aspects of everyday life upside down, and the rising cost of living and inflation have forced consumers to modify their consumption habits.  

The 2024 editions of our WOW In-Store and WOW Digital studies delve deep into retail-specific benchmarks that empower retailers to understand how to distinguish themselves and provide an excellent customer experience despite these trying times. These studies are assets for any retailers who want to get ahead and stand out! 


The retailers with a score above 90 are included in the list of retailers offering the best in-store customer experience in 2024.  

Discover the overall rankings and the scores by sector by downloading the official study booklet

Best In-Store Experiences in Ontario

Lee Valley Tools, ranked 3rd last year, has secured the top spot in the WOW Ontario 2024 ranking among 162 companies across 20+ in-store customer experience dimensions. Lindt Chocolate Shop, M&M Food Market, Lush, and Penningtons/PENN. round out the top 5. 

Best In-Store Experiences in Western Canada 

In Western Canada, Wine & Beyond tops the WOW ranking for offering the best in-store experience among 55 companies across 8 sectors. Saje Natural Wellness, Everything Wine, Guardian, and The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy round out the top 5 retailers.

Best Online Experiences in Canada in 2024

In 2024, Lego claimed the top spot in the WOW Digital ranking, surpassing 272 websites and mobile apps across more than 20 industries. Saje Natural Wellness, Café Liégeois, Shop Santé, and Apple were also among the top 5 retailers that offer the best online experience. 


Inflation and Customer Retention 

The 2024 WOW study focused on the impact of the economic context and how the rising cost of living and inflation have contributed to changing consumer habits. 

  • Changes in consumer behaviour have impacted numerous retailers, with some more affected than others. 
  • 14% of Ontarians make fewer unplanned purchases and stick to their shopping list. 
  • 13% don’t buy as many non-essential or luxury products.  

Customization and Artificial Intelligence  

In addition to the tougher economic climate, retailers are also facing customer demand for a more personalized experience, and many are investigating how AI can help them deliver. 

The three technological tools most likely to be used to enhance in-store visits are: 

  • Self-service checkout (51%)
  • Touch screens that enable interactive access to product information, location, availability, and comparisons (45%)
  • An app that offers exclusive, customized in-store promotions triggered when you enter specific areas of the store (39%)

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