Online communities: the new trend for customer/employee engagement

In the context of COVID-19, being attuned to the perspectives of your employees and customers is especially important.

Alongside traditional market research and VoC (Voice of the Customer) surveys, which are well known, a new tool has emerged in recent years: online communities.

These communities offer several modules that allow companies to move from monologue to trialogue with their clients and/or employees in a more dynamic and engaging way: through blogs, forums, chats, challenges, questionnaires, journals, segmentation, etc.

In real time, on the same platform, various options are available for collecting interesting qualitative and quantitative data, while strengthening the customer and/or employee relationship with a brand or company.

In this free webinar, Sandie Sparkman, Executive Vice President, Client Solutions and Joanie Dion, Director of Communities and Client Engagement, present an overview of online communities, as well as some case studies. Watch it below!

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