[SUCCESS STORY] Arlen Dawlatian

At Leger, we’re proud of our employees, and we encourage them to grow and evolve within our company. Our Success Stories series, which is shared monthly on our website and LinkedIn page, recognizes their successes.

Today, we’re introducing Arlen Dawlatian. Arlen has worked in several departments since 2014 and has evolved greatly within the company.

Success Story EN - Arlen Dawlatian
  • 2014: Senior Programmer 
  • 2015: Project Manager
  • 2017: Team Leader, Project Management 
  • 2019: Director of Operations 
  • 2021: Associate Vice-President, Solutions & Implementation Services 

Steve McDonald, Vice-President, Operations, wanted to highlight Arlen’s exceptional career:

“Arlen illustrates the perfect example of individual growth through hard work. 

He initially started in the industry in 2003, working in different positions, mainly within call centre environments.

His superior skillset allowed him to quickly move up into project management roles, where he mastered all operational aspects of managing quantitative research projects, from programming to data processing.

Arlen has always been task oriented and thrived in new challenges, hence this new step in his career progression, as he recently has accepted the position of associate vice-president, solutions & implementation services in our CX division.

We are lucky and grateful to have him with us and we wish him the best of luck with this new challenge!’’

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