[SUCCESS STORY] Zureena Kasim

At Leger, we’re proud of our employees, and we encourage them to grow and evolve within our company. Our Success Stories series, which is shared monthly on our website and LinkedIn page, recognizes their successes.

Today, we’re introducing Zureena Kasim. Zureena started in 2012 as an administrative assistant and has advanced within our company.

  • 2012: Administrative Assistant
  • 2020: Assistant to General Management
  • 2021: Project Manager, Leger Opinion

Ariane Marois-Lippinghof, Operations Manager, Leger Opinion, wanted to highlight Zureena’s exceptional career:

“Having worked with Zureena for more than six months now, we can definitely say she is a team player, and she is always available to help her colleagues.

Since she was hired at Leger, she has proven to be a great asset for everyone she has worked with. We are lucky to have you on the Leger Opinion team, Zureena, we love working with you!’’

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