Charitable Giving

March 12, 2024

In an era where global and local challenges call for a global response, the willingness to donate to different charitable organizations remains a shining testament to human solidarity and compassion. However, the current climate of negative world and local events are a double edged sword, encouraging some Canadians to give more, but leaving many feeling their donations are not worthwhile. From February 16 to 19, 2024, we surveyed Canadians on past and likely future donations, their attitude towards donations, if economic constraints are impacting their decisions to give, and whether they think their donations will make a difference.

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Highlights from our study on charitable giving include:

Giving in 2023

  • 55% of Canadians claimed to have made a donation in 2023.
  • The average donation of all Canadians is $430,  $790 among those who donated.
  • British Columbians gave  the most money on average in 2023, averaging $1,321 among those who donated.
  • Quebecers gave the least, averaging $371 among those who donated.
  • Newcomers to Canada are just as generous other Canadians, as 58% of those who have been in Canada for less than 11 years made a donation in 2023 (average donation of $589 among those who donated).

Predictions for 2024

  • Based on Canadians’ self-report, little change should be anticipated for 2024. Charities can expect about the same amount donated by a similar proportion of Canadians and in the same types of ways/activities.
  • Younger Canadians more often plan to increase giving than older Canadians, as 21% of those between 18-34 want to give more compared to 13% 35-54 year olds and 10% of 55+..
  • The newest Canadians (in Canada less than 11 years) are most likely to increase their giving in 2024 (38% plan to give more versus 12% of Canadian-born).
  • With that being said, economic concerns are affecting those who want to give. 69% of Canadians are cutting back due to the affordability crisis. Depending on how economic factors (such as inflation, interest rates, housing affordability etc.) shake out in 2024, we may see more downward pressure on charitable giving than Canadians currently predict.

Reasons for donating

  • While 40% of Canadians think than donations are more important than ever given negative world and local events, 49% think feel like their donations aren’t worthwhile and won’t make a difference.
  • 76% of Canadians perceive little tax benefits to donations, while 52% don’t understand the donation-related tax benefits at all.
  • 66% prefer to give where they have a personal connection, and 48% of Canadians will give no matter what.


This web survey was conducted from February 16 to 19, 2024, with 2,694 Canadians aged 18 or older, randomly recruited from LEO’s online panel. A margin of error cannot be associated with a non-probability sample in a panel survey but for comparison, a probability sample of 2,694 respondents would have a margin of error of ±1.9 %, 19 times out of 20.

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