[WEBINAR] The State of Their Wallet


4 Webinars to Better Understand Millennials and Generation Z

Leger presents the 3rd edition of its Youth Study. This study, which surveys more than 3,000 young people across the country, paints a comprehensive, explanatory, data-driven portrait of Generation Z and millennials. 

We asked millennials (25-39 years of age) and members of Generation Z (13-24 years of age) more than 25 questions about the state of their finances. The questions explore:

  • Their Situation: What is their financial situation? Have they experienced any financial difficulties in the last year? 
  • Their Frustrations: What types of products or services do they feel they are paying too much for? 
  • Their Advisor: Who do they turn to if they have financial decisions to make? Are the financial institutions there to answer their questions? 
  • Their Support System: If they need to borrow money, who do they turn to: relatives, friends, financial institutions? For what types of products or services have they borrowed money? 
  • Their Opinions: What are their opinions on financial institutions? Do they plan to switch financial institutions? Which institutions do they intend to switch to? 
  • Their Assessments: Which financial institutions are best suited to new technologies and the needs of young people their age? Which ones have the most attractive brand image? 
  • Their Reaction to COVID-19: How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact their finances? How are they preparing for their post-pandemic future?

Join us to understand young Canadians’ financial present and future.

This Webinar Was Presented By

  • Christian Bourque, Executive Vice-President
  • Allison Watson, Research Director



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