Jean-Sébastien Simard

Executive Vice-President, Leger Opinion

As an executive vice-president and partner, Jean-Sébastien has been responsible for the Leger Opinion (LEO) team since 2015 and now leads a team of nearly 20 full-time employees. Leger Opinion is a team that specializes in data collection with more than 250 client accounts. Since 2015, the team has experienced tremendous growth that surpasses industry standards.

Jean-Sébastien began his career at Leger in 1993 as an interviewer. He has developed unparalleled expertise in the management of Leger’s operations over the years. He has also developed his expertise in large-scale international mandates, particularly in Africa, Europe and Asia when he was the vice-president of operations.

Being part of the significant growth of the Leger Opinion team across the Canadian market and witnessing the accomplishments and development of its team members in continuous evolution makes him a proud leader. His greatest achievement within the company has been developing Leger Opinion’s business model, which now allows us to offer quality data collection services and access to a recognized web panel to external clients.