Leger Continues to Grow with Strategic Hires and Promotions

July 10, 2024

Montreal, July 10, 2024 Leger is continuing its growth in Western Canada and in its business development department. We are excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Lana Porter, PhD as Senior Vice-President in Vancouver, and the promotions of Mickael Lavergne and Mike Lindstrom as Vice-President, Business Development.

Lana, Mickael and Mike bring extensive experience and a proven track record of success in their previous roles, making them ideal candidates to lead Leger into its next phase of growth. Their evolution reflects Leger’s commitment to fostering talent, recognizing exceptional performance, and driving sustained growth. We are confident that their leadership will continue to inspire our team and contribute to our ongoing success in the market research and analytics industry.

Dr. Lana Porter, PhD, based in Vancouver, brings decades of qualitative experience to Leger, integrating both quantitative and qualitative methodologies in a hybrid research approach. Clients consistently commend her for providing comprehensive insights that blend these methods seamlessly. As a specialist in global market research, Lana has extensive experience with international surveys, expanding Leger’s international capabilities and cementing its reputation for delivering impactful insights on a global scale.

Following her arrival at Leger, Dr. Porter said: “Joining Leger marks an exciting new chapter in my career. I look forward to leveraging my extensive qualitative and quantitative experience, along with my global research expertise, to foster innovation and strengthen our client partnerships. Being part of this outstanding team is an incredible opportunity to drive impactful results and shape the future of our industry.”

In support of Dr. Porter’s arrival, Steve Mossop, Executive Vice-President, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Lana Porter to our team. Lana’s extensive experience in market research and her proven track record with both qualitative and quantitative research make her an invaluable addition to Leger. Her expertise will not only strengthen our offerings but also help drive our continued growth and innovation in delivering exceptional insights to our clients—something she is well known for in the industry. We look forward to the significant contributions Lana will bring to our organization and how Leger can further support her ongoing relationships with clients.”

Mickael Lavergne,  based in Montreal, has been a crucial member of Leger for over six years. Starting as a Business Development Specialist in March 2018, he quickly rose through the ranks  to his current position. Mickael excels in client relationship management, market research, and strategic business development, significantly boosting revenues and contributing to the company’s growth and success through his leadership and collaboration with senior management.

Following his promotion, Mickael Lavergne said:  “I am very pleased with this appointment as Vice-President of Business Development at Canada’s largest market research agency. Léger is a fast-growing, innovative company brimming with ambition, with a desire to offer the best service and high-quality support to our various partners. But Léger is more than just a company; it’s also a family committed to taking care of its employees and helping them grow and shine. So I can’t wait to start my new job and take us even further.”

Mike Lindstrom, based in Vancouver, has been an integral part of Leger for nearly four years, beginning as a Client Solutions Specialist in September 2020. Promoted to Associate Vice-President, Client Solutions in March 2023, he enhanced client relationships and delivered tailored solutions. His leadership and expertise in client management and strategic business development led to his promotion to Vice President, Business Development, significantly boosting Leger’s reputation for delivering strategic and actionable research insights.

Following his promotion, Mike Lindstrom said: “I am excited to continue driving business growth and developing client relationships in this new role and as part of the dynamic team at Leger. It’s truly a pleasure and a distinct honour to work with such an outstanding group as we broaden our influence in the industry.”

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