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Jean-Marc Léger Named Co-Chair of CRIC’s AI Committee

Montreal, January 24, 2024 – Leger is pleased to announce that Jean-Marc Léger, President and CEO, was named co-chair of the Canadian Research Insights Council’s (CRIC) newly formed Artificial Intelligence (AI) committee. Jason Zweig, vice-president of Canada Viewpoint Inc., was also named co-chair of the committee.

The committee was formed to offer guidance on integrating AI into the market research industry’s daily operations, while also adhering to the highest ethical standards concerning personal information and confidential data.

Leger‘s is committed to AI and embraces this new technology to advance the market research industry. This nomination demonstrates that Leger’s dedication to AI positions the Canadian market research industry at the forefront of AI innovation.

Following his achievement and nomination, Mr. Léger said, “As a member of the ESOMAR Board, we created a very successful Artificial Intelligence Task Force. We want to offer the same formula for the Canadian market research professionals to educate, regulate, and share best practices in AI. Join us to keep Canada at the forefront of the development of AI in market research.”

Leger embraces this opportunity to spearhead the incorporation of AI in market research across Canada and the world.