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Alberta Referendum Questions & Municipal Poll

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Alberta Referendum Questions & Municipal Poll

From July 22 to 26, 2021, Leger conducted an online survey of Albertans to explore:

  • Whether they believe that Alberta is heading in the right or wrong direction;
  • Their provincial voting intentions;
  • Their municipal voting intentions;
  • Their likelihood to vote in the next municipal election;
  • How an endorsement from certain politicians would influence their vote for municipal candidates;
  • and more.


  • About half (54%) of Albertans feel that Alberta is headed in the wrong direction.
  • Among decided and leaning voters, the NDP (45%) is leading the UCP (34%).
  • 71% of Albertans claim they are comfortable voting in the upcoming municipal elections knowing that unvaccinated people may be present in the lines or polling stations.
  • One-fifth (20%) of Calgarians claim they would vote for Jeromy Farkas while almost half (46%) remain undecided.
  • Amarjeet Sohi (29%) is leading in Edmonton. Conversely, 43% remain undecided.
  • Three-in-five (57%) Albertans believe that Alberta should permanently remain on Daylight Saving Time.
  • Three-in-five (58%) Calgarians believe in reintroducing fluoridation of the municipal water supply.


  • A total of n=1,377 online surveys were conducted among Albertans aged 18 or older via Leger’s LEO Panel, including n=526 in Edmonton CMA, n=523 in Calgary CMA, and n=359 in areas outside of Edmonton CMA or Calgary CMA.
  • The survey was conducted from July 22 to 26, 2021, using computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI) technology.
  • As a non-random internet survey, a margin of error is not reported. If the data were collected through a random sample, the margin of error for a sample size of n=1,377 Albertans would be ±3.0%, 19 times out of 20.
  • Using data from the 2016 Census, results were weighted according to age, gender, and region in order to ensure a representative sample of the population.


  • Taking everything into account, do you believe that Alberta is heading in the right direction, or the wrong direction?
  • If a Provincial election were held today, for which political party would you be most likely to vote? Would it be for…?
  • As you may know, the next Municipal Elections will be held in Alberta on October 18th 2021, about 3 months from now. How likely do you think it is that you will vote in that municipal election?
  • Will you be comfortable voting in the next municipal election knowing that unvaccinated people may be present in the line or in the polling station?
  • If the Municipal election were held in Edmonton/Calgary tomorrow, for which candidate for Mayor are you most likely to vote?
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Alberta Referendum Questions & Municipal Poll