One-Year Anniversary of COVID-19 in Canada Survey

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One-Year Anniversary of COVID-19 in Canada Survey

From January 8-10, 2021, Leger surveyed 1,501 Canadians about several topics related to the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 in Canada.

The survey topics included:

  • Mental health
  • Relationships
  • Moving forward
  • Working situations
  • Financial impacts of COVID-19
  • Trusted sources of information
  • The impact of vaccination


  • 40% of Canadians say that their mental health is worse compared to pre-pandemic times.
  • One-in-five working Canadians indicate that their mental health has impacted their job performance.
  • Nine-in-ten Canadians who are married/in a common-law relationship feel that the pandemic either improved or did not impact their relationship.
  • COVID-19 has brought Canadians closer to their immediate family members but has distanced them from others, most notably their friends.
  • 56% of Canadians whose finances were less impacted by COVID-19 are willing to help those in need.


  • 1,501 residents of Canada aged 18 or older were surveyed online using Leger’s online panel, LEO, from January 8-10, 2021.
  • Using data from the 2016 Census, the results were weighted according to age, gender, and region in order to ensure a representative sample of the population in Canada.
  • No margin of error can be associated with a non-probability sample. However, for comparative purposes, a probability sample of 1,501 respondents would have a margin of error of ±2.53%, 19 times out of 20.
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One-Year Anniversary of COVID-19 in Canada Survey