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Report: Youth Study 2023

A unique view into Canadian Gen Zers’ and millennials’ minds. 

  • ^Tailor your strategies
  • ^Identify action priorities
  • ^Attract, recruit, and retain new talent

About the study

Who are Generation Z and millennials? How do they see themselves, and what truly matters to them?

Our Youth Study has the answers. Every year, we survey more than 3,000 members of Generation Z and millennials to explore their perspectives on their finances, employment, and future.

These generations think, spend, and view their careers differently than those before them, setting trends that are shifting the way we do business.

NEW THIS YEAR: Attract and retain young talent by understanding which employment benefits are important to Gen Z and millennials with our HR benefits simulator.

Webinar Replay:

The 2023 Youth Study

Whether you employ Gen Z and millennials or want to connect with them, it’s crucial to understand their unique nuances. Watch our webinar to discover their perspectives on:

  • ^The most attractive job offers
  • ^Their financial situation, habits, and inflation
  • ^Their perceptions and concerns about the future

Some key findings from this year’s study

“Our Youth study helps you plan multigenerational marketing strategies, better tailor your products and services to young Canadians, and get a better understanding of who they really are. Through insights into Gen Zers’ and millennials’ finances, employment, mental health, and perceptions of the future, you can improve how you connect with them and develop concrete employee attraction and retention strategies. If you need to understand the younger generations, you need the Youth study.”

Charlotte Fortin, Senior Research Director and Gabrielle Blais, Research Director (study co-leads)

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