Argyle-Leger Confidence Report: American Workers Want More than a Paycheck

May 26, 2022

The latest Argyle-Leger Confidence Report reveals that American workers “want more than a paycheck from their employers”.


  • The top work-related motivations among American workers are respect (58%), health benefits (58%) and work/life balance (58%).
  • Learning (51%), purpose (49%), positive workplace relationships (45%) and flexibility (43%) are also perceived as more important than salary (42% of Americans surveyed indicated salary was a top motivator).
  • While women are significantly more likely to indicate respect is a motivator, men are significantly more likely to indicate that money is a motivator.
  • 55% of American workers would not support a union at their current job, while 45% would.

“The study shows the ‘Great Resignation’ is not about money. It’s about the pandemic changing the way people think about work – and about what matters to their lives,” said Daniel Tisch, President and CEO of Argyle. “The challenge for leaders is that values such as respect and balance are highly personal, and subject to many things employers can’t control. The employee experience cannot be one-size fits all. Every organization needs to be driven by a uniting purpose that informs operational and cultural decisions alike – with plenty of flexibility.”

“This time last year, 39 percent of Americans working from home agreed that if their superiors ordered them to return to the office, they would start to look for another job. Just 19 percent of Americans wanted to go back to their workplace entirely,” said Simon Jaworski, EVP, Leger USA. “But even where workers are in agreement about not wanting a full return to the office, the reasons are likely more nuanced.”


About the Study

The Argyle-Leger Confidence Report is the second in a series that examines Americans’ attitudes and behaviors on issues related to their confidence in information, institutions, leaders, and sources of authority. This survey involved approximately n=1,005 American adults, completed between January 1st – 2nd 2022, using Leger’s online panel. A probability sample of 1,000 respondents would have a margin of error of +/-2.6%, 9 times out of 10.

About Argyle

For more than 40 years, Argyle has been chosen by the world’s biggest brands, put big ideas onto the public agenda, and grown to become one of North America’s most acclaimed reputation, communications and public engagement firms. Argyle’s clients span many sectors, including finance, technology, healthcare, food and beverage, hospitality, professional services, infrastructure, government, non-profits and many more.

Argyle has more than 130 full-time employees in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria and Ottawa, with affiliates in Montreal and Quebec City, and in more than 40 countries around the world.

About Leger

Leger is one of North America’s largest independent full-service research firms, with over 600 employees in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver in Canada, and Philadelphia in the United States. The LEO (Leger Opinion) panel is the largest Canadian panel with over 400,000 representative panelists from all regions of Canada. LEO was created by Leger based on a representative Canadian sample of Canadian citizens with Internet access.

Poll aggregator gave Leger the highest rating among all polling firms in Canada for the accuracy of its studies. See

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