Celebrating CX Day at Leger

Today, CX (customer experience) professionals across the globe are celebrating CX Day. At Leger, CX is about more than just the work our excellent CX team does—it’s about being part of the CX community and our entire company’s commitment to delivering an excellent customer experience to all our clients.

What Is CX Day?

Implemented by the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association), CX Day is focused on celebrating the organizations, individuals, and customers at the heart of better customer experiences.

This year, the theme is “Good CX delivers better outcomes for customers, employees, and organizations.” We agree! Having CX practices in place is just one reason why Leger is the fastest-growing market research company in North America.

To join in the celebration, some of our clients shared the positive experiences they’ve had working with Leger.

CX at Leger

CX Day at Leger also means celebrating our CX professionals! They are dedicated to empowering you to deliver on your brand promise and make better decisions with robust, insightful, and actionable CX solutions. Our CX team includes Medallia and Qualtrics-certified experts who provide advisory services, VoC implementation, and managed services.    

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Ready to Get Started?

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