New Driven to Give Initiative

This year, we are proud to launch our new Driven to Give initiative focused on harnessing our expertise and commitment to give back to our clients, employees and the community. Driven by our desire to play a positive role in society while providing information to the public, we believe in the importance of community involvement. We want to make a real difference through donations, volunteering activities, sponsorship, special programs, and many other initiatives. 

To spread the word about our commitments, we are pleased to implement the Driven to Give initiative. This program is based on three distinct pillars: client appreciation, employee well-being, and local and national community involvement. In this vein, we have developed three special projects for the new year. 

Discover the Three Driven to Give Pillars 

Providing Quality Content to Our Clients 

Each year, we provide our clients with a comprehensive specialized study on Generation Z and millennials, called the Youth Study, free of charge. This annual study contains key information that contributes to a better understanding of these generations’ concerns and values. The free report is accompanied by a series of 3 webinars that focus on the key findings of this study, which are highly valued by our business audience. 

To read the report or watch the webinars, click here.  

Fostering Employee Well-Being  

This holiday season, all our offices will be closed to allow our employees to take time to rest and celebrate with their loved ones. This is a way for us to recognize their contribution to our company’s success! This new initiative is part of our internal People First program, which promotes our employees’ well-being, particularly by encouraging better work-life balance.   

Giving Back to the Community  

As part of Driven to Give, we are offering our employees time to volunteer for a half-day activity of their choice with various charities between December 2022 and January 2023. The list of charities is extensive and includes, Welcome Hall Mission, the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul, Moisson Montreal, Renaissance, the Christmas Bureau, Adopt a Family and many others.  

Driven to Give is closely linked with our engagement and collaboration values, and though it is a new offensive, we intend to keep it alive in the years to come.