Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We deeply respect and value every individual

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) means that we actively integrate diverse thoughts, perspectives, life experiences, and cultural insights into our work. This tapestry of differences empowers us to deliver superior research and profound insights uniquely crafted by viewing our changing world.

How we advocate

At Leger, we are dedicated to creating an environment where every employee is valued and truly integrated into our company’s journey.

Our goal for each employee is to understand their unique role and voice, cultivating an inclusive culture.

Through our shared vision and steadfast standards, we empower our researchers to conduct unparalleled research for our clients.

“Leger is built on delivering the highest quality and most accurate research, based on reaching, understanding, and giving all people a voice. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we continue to invest in and nurture an inclusive culture where employees can grow personally and professionally. It is our commitment to clients to advance inclusive research standards by implementing inclusive research methods and driving participation with our extended partners and industry network across the world.”

Jean-Marc Léger, CEO/President

“I am proud of our progress in creating a culture where every employee is empowered to be an ambassador for change. Our commitment is about continuous improvement as both researchers and employees. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for our team to shape our DEI journey, ensuring their voices drive our innovation and growth. This enduring commitment is a core aspect of our identity at Leger, reflecting our resolve to embrace and lead in this vital area.”

Heather Owen, GM, DEI Executive Champion

“In our diverse society, ensuring inclusion in surveys is not just important, it’s essential. By embracing a broad range of perspectives, we capture a richer, more accurate picture of the community. Inclusion in surveys leads to more informed decisions, policies that reflect the needs of all, and a deeper understanding of the diverse population that makes up our world.”

Dave Scholz, Chief Strategy Officer, DEI Executive Champion

Internal programs

Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) implementation within Leger has been vital. Firmly embedding DEI into our internal programs ensures the authenticity, effectiveness, and long-term sustainability of our DEI initiatives, and this genuine foundation naturally extends to the research we conduct for partners and clients.


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Cultivating a diverse employee workforce

In our commitment to diversity, we conduct an annual employee survey to gain a deeper understanding of our workforce composition. This evaluation gives us a picture of our employee mix, including women, persons with disabilities, members of visible minority communities, Indigenous peoples, two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, plus (2SLGBTQ+) people, and more. Our 2023 survey revealed that, collectively, our employees speak thirty different languages and have immigrated from every inhabited continent on the globe. Our comprehensive approach ensures we are not just aware but actively embracing and supporting the rich diversity within our team.

Committed to accessibility in research and employment

We are deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of accessibility. This commitment is firmly rooted in the principles of Canadian and U.S. accessibility laws and standards. We ensure that our research methodologies are inclusive and considerate of all individuals. In parallel, as an employer, we are dedicated to creating a workplace that is not only compliant with Canadian and American laws, but also goes beyond compliance to foster an environment where every employee, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and contribute meaningfully.


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Employees guide our DEI efforts

Our employees’ organic, grassroots efforts uniquely drive our DEI approach. Through our DEI leadership committee and network of DEI allies, our team members across North America are the guiding force behind our DEI strategies. Employees from across Leger play a crucial role in setting and delivering on our DEI goals. Working together in 2023, we conducted comprehensive leadership training, refined our research methods, and implemented new sociodemographic standards throughout our organization. These initiatives, grown from the ground up, are not just policies on paper; they embody our commitment to an inclusive workplace, shaped and steered by the people who know us best–our employees.

Our employees’ voices matter

We prioritize creating a secure and confidential space where feedback from our employees across North America is welcomed and highly valued. We conduct an annual employee survey to gauge the effectiveness of our corporate culture and our DEI progress. The results speak volumes about our commitment to these principles.

  • An overwhelming 97% agree that employees of all ethnicities, genders, and communities are treated with dignity, equity, and respect.
  • Similarly, 97% agree that Leger values diversity.
  • Impressively, 95% agree that Leger’s leadership understands that diversity is critical to our future success.

Standardizing demographic questions with a DEI perspective

We’re enhancing our panel profiling and internal surveys to include characteristics like sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, religion, disability, and chronic illness. We’re also updating our research questionnaires to better represent the communities we serve.

Contributing to the global network

We share best practices with our global network partners (WIN and ESOMAR) as we look to apply inclusive research approaches across all markets.

Specialized studies

We conduct annual research and present our findings at webinars and industry events, helping clients and industries adapt to changing consumer and market trends. In 2024, we’re launching the inaugural Cracking the Newcomer Code study to assist new Canadians in settling into their new home.

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