COFFEE BREAK – How do we protect respondent privacy?

October 8, 2019
Our Coffee Break with Leger video clip series is designed to provide a brief overview of answers to key questions in the market research world. If you would like further information about the research services we provide, click the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this page to get in touch with our team.

Safeguarding confidentiality and privacy is a cornerstone at market research companies. When conducting a survey, we may ask the respondents to answer very personal questions which may be controversial or sensitive in nature (for example, their political views, their income, etc.). If we want people to answer our questions honestly, we must guarantee their privacy by ensuring that their feedback remains anonymous.

However, there is an exception for customer satisfaction surveys. Sometimes we will ask if a survey respondent wants to share their contact information with the company conducting the survey, which, for example, can allow the company to resolve an issue the respondent is having. In order to do this, the market research company responsible for conducting the survey must first ask for and obtain the respondent’s explicit consent to share their information, before forwarding it to the company in question. If you opt out of sharing your personal information, all rules and regulations that protect your privacy apply.

Market research firms have policies which explain the procedures in place to protect your privacy. To view Leger’s privacy policy, click here.

Our Commitment to Quality

Leger is a member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), the industry association for the market/survey/insights research industry.

Leger is also a member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research), the international association of opinion polling and marketing research professionals. As such, Leger is committed to following the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics.

In addition, Leger is a member of the Insights Association, the American association for marketing research and analytics, and Leger is a founding Member of WIN (Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research and Polling), one of the largest independent associations in the world.

As a Vice President at Leger, Lisa Covens manages the Communications and Public Affairs practice in Toronto. She focuses her practice on research for media attention across numerous industries along with reputation, crisis management, and health PR research.  Lisa is currently a Board Member for CPRS National and a Corporate Board Member at Make-a-Wish® Canada.

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