It’s just your opinion, but…Discover the LEO promotional campaign!

March 27, 2020

On March 2, 2020, Leger launched LEO, the mobile app you can use to respond to surveys and share your opinion anywhere, anytime, on any topic. LEO is the largest proprietary panel in Canada, with more than 400,000 members across Canada and the United States.

Using the LEO app, our members can complete surveys faster and more easily, while receiving rewards. In addition, consumers can provide feedback on the products and services offered by companies they deal with.

March 2 also marked the launch of the first-ever LEO promotional campaign in Canada!

“Today, sharing your opinion on social media is easy, and the platforms are very accessible. However, there are some notable drawbacks: it lacks confidentiality, your comments can easily get lost in a sea of other comments, and often, you don’t receive any feedback. This has led to people feeling like their opinion doesn’t matter, hence the slogan ‘It’s just my opinion, but…’ On LEO, our members’ opinions remain confidential, are considered, and truly make a difference,” mentioned Sarah Mottet, Marketing Director at Leger.

The campaign was conceptualized and developed by Leger’s marketing team, and the launch rolled out across Canada on public transit (buses, trains, and train stations), online, and on social media (which included a collaboration with Canadian content creators).


It’s just your opinion, but…it remains confidential.

It’s just your opinion, but…we listen to you.

It’s just your opinion, but…it changes your world.

Content Creators


Trains, Train Stations, and Buses


Web Banners

Articles on Narcity Canada, HuffPost Canada

On Narcity Canada

You Can Earn Rewards For Answering Questions Thanks To This First-Ever Canadian Survey App

This Survey App Will Reward You With These 6 Things for Giving Your Opinion on Your Favourite Canadian Subjects

On HuffPost Canada

5 Ways To Make Your Voice Heard

Article in the Sun Newspapers (Online and Print): Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Toronto

Use the new LEO app to share your opinion and get rewarded!


Director: Jérôme Léger

Design: Leger (Sarah Mottet, Pascale Trudeau, Rachel Harris, Camille Gervais and Anne-Marie Thibodeau)

Production: la corp

Download the app by clicking here!


Leger is the largest Canadian-owned survey, marketing research and analytics firm with more than 600 employees in eight Canadian and American offices. Leger has been working with prestigious clients since 1986. For more information:

Leger Opinion (LEO)

In 2004, Leger created the largest panel of Internet users in Canada with more than 400,000 members in North America. This distinctive advantage allows Leger to control the quality and accuracy of its surveys and to deliver real-time results. Leger is the sole owner of its panel. The LEO mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information:



For more information

Sarah Mottet

Marketing Director

514-982-2464 #3186

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