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Aksel Bedikyan Joins Leger as Vice-President, Leger Analytics

Montreal, January 6, 2022 – Leger is pleased to announce that Aksel Bedikyan has joined its team of experts as the vice-president of the Leger Analytics division.

Aksel has extensive experience in data analysis, most recently as senior manager of data science and advanced analytics at Bell Media, and previously as senior director of research and analytics at Groupe V Media, director of business analytics and insights at Cirque du Soleil and senior consultant at Deloitte.

“Aksel will lead our Leger Analytics division and help our North American clients analyze, integrate and convert their data into actionable marketing intelligence. His expertise in segmentation, modelling and market simulation techniques, as well as his knowledge of advanced analytical tools, will enable Leger’s clients to leverage their primary and secondary databases better,” said Jean-Marc Léger, President.

“It is very exciting to join Leger, the fastest-growing market research and analytics company in the country. The analytics division is comprised of intelligent, motivated professionals and solid analytical tools, creating the winning conditions to better support our prestigious clients,” said Aksel Bedikyan.

About Leger

Leger is the largest Canadian-owned market research and analytics company, with more than 600 employees in eight Canadian and US offices. Leger has been working with prestigious clients since 1986, including The City of Calgary, Brookfield Properties, L’Oreal, Nespresso, IKEA, Scientific Games, Pfizer, GSK, and more.

Recently, Leger presented the most accurate polling results for the 2021 Canadian federal election (including the most accurate results in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia) and the 2019 Canadian federal election. This accuracy is due to the quality of the company’s LEO panel and its employees’ expertise.

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