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Youth Study created by Leger: the 2019 ranking

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Youth Study created by Leger: the 2019 ranking


The best way to understand youth is to allow them to express themselves. This is what the Youth Study, designed by Leger, is all about: 3,000 millennials and Gen Zers who speak out to express their moods, fears, concerns, purchasing habits and what influences them.

The first edition of the Youth Study, published in 2018, aimed to provide a complete picture of the behaviours and values of the next generations, while at the same time identifying the companies they feel are the COOLEST. We asked ourselves the following questions: who are they, what do they do, what do they buy, what do they admire?

If the 2018 edition intended to understand how many, the 2019 edition seeks to understand why.

Why are young people so pessimistic about the future, but so optimistic about their personal situation? Why are they dissatisfied with their work and why will they quit in the next year? Why do they think they deserve a promotion and a raise?  Why do they say they are so stressed, but at the same time relatively happy? Why, at 30, do they have a greater desire to travel than when they were 20? Why are they willing to share their personal data, even though they feel that companies intrude too much in their private lives? Why do their favourite companies change?

Why do they turn to local purchasing, and under what circumstances do they opt for big-box stores?

In total, 2,000 millennials and 1,000 Gen Zers across Canada were asked more than 50 questions, making this study the largest of its kind. In a detailed report comprised of more than 75 pages, divided into four sections (selfie, work, consumer insights and ranking of companies), millennials and Gen Zers reveal other secrets. It is up to you to pay attention and listen to them.

Following young people means following the trend. This is why at Leger we invest time and energy to understand the behaviours and aspirations of the younger generations. They will dictate where the market goes, and if a company refuses to follow them, it will certainly end up dealing with the consequences. It is therefore essential to define new instruments to understand this new clientele.

And what better tool to understand them than Leger’s Youth Study?


Happy reading!

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Youth Study created by Leger: the 2019 ranking