Leger Analytics specializes in delivering actionable results to clients through market modelling and sophisticated statistical analysis. Complex analyses simplifies data, while market modelling is used to better answer your marketing-related questions.

Mathematical tools such as Bayesian statistics to neural networks to machine learning are not the ends, they are merely tools that help us simplify and clarify what needs to be done to effectively address your marketing issues.

The toughest part of research is simplification. We achieve this by separating what you need to know from what’s merely interesting to know. In other words, we separate the signal from the noise.


New technologies have multiplied the number of contact points with consumers and citizens. Websites and mobile applications continue to increase in value as strategic assets. The ubiquity of social media has created more powerful consumers and citizens who are not shy about voicing their opinions. Leger Digital addresses all of this with the intelligence, expertise and technology to help you maximize the value of your online and mobile presence.

Our expertise

We have been working with prestigious clients since 1986.

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Specialized Studies

While the bulk of our work is ad hoc (i.e. custom), Leger has also developed a number of specialized studies evaluating markets, trends and consumer behaviour.

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