WOW 2024: Discover the Best In-Store and Digital Customer Experience in Canada

January 23, 2024

Our WOW 2024 study has once again delved deep into the retail industry to unveil the annual ranking or retailers offering the best customer experience in Canada. Find out which companies stood out most this year by downloading the official study booklet.  

Discover the WOW 2024 Rankings

To adapt to an ever-changing retail landscape and the challenging economic context, retailers must understand whether they are meeting their customers’ needs and expectations. Our experts measured and analyzed more than 20 performance indicators across different sectors to identify the retailers who have performed best according to their recent visitors.

In the study booklet, you’ll find:  

  • The WOW In-Store ranking for the best customer experience in Ontario, Western Canada, and Quebec, for retailers who received a WOW Index of 90 or higher 
  • The top 10 WOW Digital for the best online customer experience in Canada
  • The complete ranking for each region 
  • The complete rankings by sector

To learn more, you can (re)watch the in-store webinar here and the digital webinar here.

WOW 2024: Uncover a Goldmine of Customer Experience Insights Tailored to Your Stores and Website

More than ever, retailers know that offering an outstanding customer experience is essential to their success. Our WOW 2024 studies can help you analyze all the aspects of your customer experience in detail and make data-driven strategic decisions.  

Contact us to get your personalized report.

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