The in-store customer experience study

Deep dive into the in-store market and consumer trends shaping the retail industry.

Booklet: WOW 2024

Discover the full rankings for this year’s WOW In-Store and WOW Digital studies. 

  • ^Evaluate 20+ key dimensions
  • ^Compare yourself to competitors
  • ^Understand in-store irritants

About the study

Are you delivering an in-store customer experience that goes beyond WOW? We’ll help you find out.

Our WOW In-Store study evaluates the in-store experience you offer your customers in detail and ranks the retailers that offer the best in-store experiences in Ontario, Western Canada, and Quebec, according to recent visitors.

Paired with our WOW Digital study, which evaluates the online experience retailers across Canada offer, WOW In-Store is an essential tool to improve your strategy.

Webinar Replay: The 2024 WOW In-Store Study

Get a gold mine of insights on the in-store customer experience. Watch our webinar to discover:

  • ^The 2024 best in-store experience rankings
  • ^How inflation impacts purchasing behaviour
  • ^Insights on customer loyalty and media incentives

Some key findings from this year’s study

“WOW In-Store is the ideal study for any organization that wants to understand where to invest its resources to improve its customers’ in-store customer experience and get a competitive edge. Your detailed report will help you understand how your recent visitors rank you against other Western Canada or Ontario retailers in your sector and provide personalized recommendations for your business.”

Hélène Crépin, Vice-President, Consumer Insights (study lead)

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