Health Survey [2022 WIN World Survey]

April 10, 2023

This portion of the 2022 edition of the WIN World Survey (WWS) explored perspectives on health. The WWS is conducted annually by the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN International), of which Leger is a founding member. Some of the topics the health survey covers include perceptions of health overall, stress, fitness, mood and ability to do daily activities by oneself.


Perceptions of health overall: 76% of respondents consider themselves healthy overall (including 77% of Canadians and Americans).

Perceptions of stress: 57% of respondents rate their overall stress level as good (including 63% of Canadians and 58% of Americans).

Perceptions of the ability to do daily activities by yourself: 87% of respondents rate their ability to do daily tasks by themselves as good (including 89% of Canadians and 90% of Americans).

As noted by Vilma Scarpino, President, WIN International, “The results of the 2022 Annual WIN World Survey highlight important differences in how men and women and different age groups perceive and prioritise their health, as well as the concerning trend of rising stress levels globally. As we continue to navigate the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, it is crucial that we address these disparities and provide support to those who may be most vulnerable to health risks.

Read WIN’s press release about the health portion of the 2022 WWS.


From October 9 to December 10, 2022, over 29,000 people from 36 countries were surveyed using CAWI/CATI/F2F/TAPI online survey methods. Leger was responsible for data collection in Canada and the United States.

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