2019 WOW Study: Ontario’s Top Retailers

November 14, 2019

A  comprehensive and relevant consumer experience study

How do you maintain and develop your clientele? What are your strengths and weaknesses (and what are those of your competitors)?

For nine years, the WOW syndicated study has been the specialist in measuring in-store customer experience. It assesses major irritants, network uniformity, customer feedback, and the role of the website when it comes to in-store experience, at 182 retailers in Ontario. This year, each retailer was evaluated by 400 of its recent customers aged 15 and over, from September to October 2019.

These retailers were assigned a score, the WOW Index, which ranges from 0 to 100 and is calculated based on 16 dimensions of the customer experience:
  • product quality
  • product variety
  • drive and innovation
  • competitive prices
  • promotional activities
  • staff courtesy
  • staff competency
  • staff attentiveness
  • efficiency at checkout
  • importance given to customers
  • store ambiance
  • store layout
  • signage
  • information displayed
  • sense of belonging
  • building customer loyalty

For the second year in a row, our WOW Digital study is measuring the online customer experience. In 2019, 112 retailers with a website or mobile app were assessed by 400 of their visitors on 14 dimensions from September to October.

The WOW Digital index is derived from the performance of a website or mobile app on 14 dimensions of non-transactional online customer experience:
  • look and feel
  • brand image
  • variety of products and services
  • dynamism and innovation
  • competitive prices
  • browsing
  • information search
  • customized experience
  • information quality
  • inspiration and advice
  • consumer or expert reviews
  • online support
  • loyalty
  • channel uniformity, integration and coherence

In the document below, you’ll find:

  • The 2019 list of the best Ontario retailers who are offering a “WOW” customer experience
  • The Canadian retailers offering the best online experiences according to our new study, WOW Digital
  • Eric Matusiak’s (Partner, BDO Canada and National Retail Leader) 2019 Retail Trends presentation from the WOW 2019 event in Toronto

Happy reading!

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