Digital Canada 2023: A Study by Ressac and Leger

One year ago, Leger acquired Ressac, a digital marketing agency specializing in strategy, creation and media.

On November 10, we unveiled the results of Digital Canada 2023, Leger and Ressac’s first joint digital study on Canadian users’ behaviour on social platforms and users’ perceptions of and receptivity to influencersbranded content and online advertising.

Designed by Ressac and powered by Leger, this study, conducted by and for marketing professionals, provides insights for effective and relevant planning on social platforms in 2023.

Watch the recording of the November 10, 2022 webinar, which highlights the various findings of the Digital Canada 2023 study, by clicking on the image.

If you want to know the stats of Boomers on TikTok, or whether Gen Z still uses Facebook, or about generational gaps in research, purchasing and influence, Digital Canada has the answers. Using data compiled from an August 2022 behavioural and socio-demographic study, a wide range of topics were analyzed, including brand perception, reasons for unsubscribing, the shift towards personalized experience and retention engines for brands.

For the first time, we break down behavioural data in Canada by categories. Age, gender, income, region: our compiled results and insights highlight what motivates users and identify trends in job searching, research, trust and key motivations on digital platforms. The results provide an overview of consumer use and their perception of sponsored content and influencers. Since the world of influencer marketing has, at times, lacked transparency or verifiable data, we can now shed light on how content potentially influences purchasing and the credibility of influencers or content creators.

Digital Canada is a definitive guide for any professional or leader interested in digital trends.

The results were presented by Pablo Stevenson (President and Founder – Ressac), Malika Desrosiers (Vice-President, Content and Outreach – Ressac), Sylvain Martel (Vice-President, Media, Partnerships & Strategic Development – Ressac) and Jean-Marc Léger (President and Founder – Leger).


The study shows that 73% of Canadian internet users who follow influencers and/or content creators say they have already changed their point of view or perception of a subject or changed a habit following exposure to this type of content on social media. 

Also, 75% of Canadian internet users who already follow a brand/company say they started following one after seeing a sponsored post on social media and 66% after seeing an ad elsewhere online.